Monday, January 30, 2012

Cradle is Finished!

So the cradle is done!  Now i just need to order my hull materials and i can start building an actual boat.

Beer to keep myself and others hydrated.

We used two laser levels to get the cradle aligned.  One was down the center mark and we used a self leveling rotating level that gave us a mark about 4 inches over the entire cradle to measure down from to get the correct height and level.

As you can see i used 1/2 inch bolts o bolt each support piece to the cradle base.  Also the 3/4 ply supports are drilled out larger than the bolts.  This allows me to make small adjustments if i ever need to.


Hours: about 65

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cradle Supports and Barn Finishing.

Making big gains on the boat and the shop.  We have some more help in the shop Nick.  He has done a huge amount of work in the shop taking it from Sketchey Barn to Nice Wood Shop.   The cradle Base and now all the supports are cut.  Now i just need to mount the supports to the base and then bight the bullet and buy the hull materials and start building something that actually looks like a boat!

Attempting to cut out some fair curves.

Cradle supports are in place but not bolted down. 

The shop after it was cleaned with walls and benches added!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cradle Base Done!

So the base of the cradle is done.  From the transom to F110 its 7 feet wide.  Then it angles in to about 1 foot past the bow.  The Cross members are spaced at each bulkhead.  Now i will be adding plywood at each cross member to mirror the shape of the bulkhead at each location.  This should help with making sure the hull is the correct shape and each bulkhead lands at the correct elevation.  I used a laser and a chalk line to keep everything straight and true.

My miter saw wont cut angles that extreme so i added a little piece so i could attach the "bow" pieces.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cradle Time!

So i started on my cradle.  I plan to build a support for the boat at each bulkhead at the correct height and shape using the bulkhead shape + 1/4 inch for the plywood.  This should allow the boat to be the correct shape.  I will have more on my design as i build more. 
Doing some serious math!  Trying to figure out all the leingths to cut up the 2x4s.

Beer helps with math.

Here is the base of the cradle.  This is from frame 214 to 89 its 7 feet wide. There is one cross member for each bulkhead.  One is not shown.

Beer: 2
Hours: 4