Monday, September 26, 2011

Witchcraft wins the PHRF series!

Not much new going on for the build.  i spent another 5-6 hours fairing the bulb and another 8 or so cleaning out the barn getting it ready for insulation.  I am gone next week but plan to pour the concrete mold when i get back.

On another note our team on the J29 won the local PHRF races.  Pretty exciting thing to do with the oldest boat and12 year old sails.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bulb Plug

So until i get the money for plywood and epoxy i figured i would start on the bulb, Keel and, Rudder.

I used  This thread to get me started with the plug.  Took awhile to get it all figured out and make sure all the sizing was correct.

All the pieces cut out.  Piece 7 cut twice.

All Glued up.  I did a crappy job as our foam gun was not working and i had to stab the top of the can to get glue to come out.  

Foam Sanded to Shape.

Bondo added and rough fairing. 

Bulb Hours so far 13
Total Hours so far 39
Beers for Bulb 2
Total Beers 2 ( I know i need to step it up) 

Cleaning House

So im building the Hull and all big sections in a friend of mines barn.  He is the one who originally gave me the idea for the I550.  We have some work to do to get it ready for a cold winter.  Cleaning, Insulation, Lights ect.  Hopefully have it all done in a month or so.

The Begining

Well here goes nothing Hull # 405 on its way.  Just got my plans in a little over a week ago or so.  I plan to make this blog to show other people my steps and more for a personal record of the build.  I plan to build the Wide cockpit short cabin version.