Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Working on the Beer count and the boat a little.

So my friend nick was really disappointed in my Beer/Hour Ratio. He said if i pick him up he will help me with that.  Also i got some work done on the cabin and benches.

I told nick he had to do something that helped with the boat for his beer count to be official.  He sharpened Pencils. 

He drank a solid 16 beers in 3 hours!  Between the two of us we drank 21 beers in 6 man hours.

Carson came by to help as well. 

Amazingly enough the cabin top looks to be straight and solid.

I am going to put a 3.5" radius curve on the bench seats.  In order to get the ply to bend that sharply i had to put Kerf cuts in it (cut halfway thru)  Then once its mounted i will fill it with 406 and glass over it! 

I also decided to put a small angle to the benches so when we are hiked out there will be a small flat spot to sit on.