Thursday, February 23, 2012

Misc Update

The ply for the hull is on its way so we have been puttering around doing misc projects on things we can get done before the hull materials arrive.
Finishing up the slot for the Uni Carbon on the keel.

First time using a standard hand plane this thing worked awesome i should of used it before when trying to get a rough shape on the keel.  Its a great option inbetween sanding and power plane.

Driling the holes in the bulb.

Huge pain in the ass to get the holes straight.  After i drilled the first hole i put a pipe thru the hole so i could make sure my second hole was at least the same axis as the first.

Doing some shaping with a rasp.  Works well but i still have allot of lead to take off.

Keel Foil fits nicely.

We got bored so we figured we would add some decoration to the shop.  We projected the i550 logo on the wall then masked it off with tape.

Me doing some painting.

Finished logo.  We also plan to add some exploded views of the boat.

Nick cuting out the Bow Stem.

Bow stem is cut out of White Oak.  We read thru the build guide on how to build this which helped but a few of there dimension and angles were incorrect.  The dimensions on the plans are not possible at least we could not figure it out.  We improvised with what we thought would be correct.  This also started an idea for a boat name.  (Good-E-Nuff) Thoughts?