Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Working on the bow.

Spent the time sense the holidays to finally really get to work on the bow sprit. I believe i mentioned in my last post that my friend that letting me use his barn had a broken carbon windsurfing mast which was basically the exact dimensions i wanted for my sprit!  It was to weak tho so i added two layers of Unidirectional Carbon to it.  Now on to the pictures.

Sprit layed up with two layers of carbon before i added the Peel Ply

Prep.  Cutting all the carbon and peel ply.  I actually made a mistake and did not cut enough peel ply and rushing cutting more ended up causing issues. 

This is where i ran out of my pre cut peel ply.  

This is what the peel ply should of looked like throughout   Nicely cut and tightly wrapped like you would on a hockey stick.  

The extra peel ply i cut multiple layers at a time making it jaged with rough edges and the end started looking like this.  Once cured it was hell to remove. 

Then it was on to my collar.  used some blue foam and hot glue cut the foam to fit the bow then put these pieces in to take place as a temporary bow. 

Dont worry i straightened it out before i applied glass. I also added packing tape and tried to smooth out all the edges. 

10 layers of woven 6 oz glass later finished product! 

I will be cutting off 75% of whats sticking past the bow i just figured keep it long so i can cut what i want. 

Starting work on my sprit sleeves.  I wrapped sticky back paper around to about 1/8" thickness.

Then i added packing tape.  I wanted two 8 inch sleeves so i build 1 18" sleeve and cut it in half. 

After pounding on this with a hammer for an hour they finally came apart. 

The Sleve consists of 7 layers of carbon in this order. 1 Layer Woven, 2 Layers UNI, 1 Layer Woven, 2 Layers UNI, 1 Layer Woven.  Its basically a club sandwich of carbon the woven being the bread and uni the meat :) 

Finished Product! 


Also the seats are coming along well in the cockpit!