Friday, June 15, 2012

Lots of little items

So the build is not going as fast as i had hoped.  With summer here and lots of racing the i have gotten away from building.  Also taking the time to save up some money so i can order some more glass epoxy and carbon before i take the next step.  But i have installed allot of supports from my last update.  Built some stringers for the back two sections of the boat to stiffen up the cockpit and the bottom of the boat.  I brought the front two stringers to the back of the keel box to add support there.

 Here are the added stringers to the back two sections.  I will be putting a 2" piece of ply on the top so it will be easier to glue the floor down. 

Finally got F18 in place and cut the slot for the sprit. 

Here is a photo of my issue with the concave bow.  My stem i think was cut at to steep on an angle.  Not much i can do about it now.  I might add some foam or filler to fix it some.  Or maybe just make it nice and fair.  I am not overly concerned with it.