Friday, March 30, 2012

Frames are in!

Frames are in and where to begin!
Every frame went in from a mesurement from the stern.  Measure from the stern and mark each sheer with a straight edge between each sheer with level find and mark the bottom of the hull.  The only issue is had was Frame 53.5.  I had herd other peole having issues with this frame.  I left 1/2" extra on each side of the frame and i still had to pull the hull a long way in!  I would recommend leaving extra on frame 53.5 in order to keep a nice flow to the hull.

I used a spoon to create these fillets.  I like using a spoon i was able to change the diamiter of the fillet by the angle of the spoon.

Here it is all taped up with 15oz biax glass.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

20 clamps and counting.

We drilled and zip tied up the hull every 6 inches then put glue (West system mixed with 70% 406 and 30% 410 filler) in between each zip tie.  Just enough to hold.  Then we cut out the ties and ran a fillet joint along the entire inside of the chine.   I used a 1/2 radius fillet which will allow me to use 4 inch tape.  For a rule of thumb your fiberglass tape should go 30mm past your fillet on top and bottom.

Here is a shot right after i glued up the Chine.

Nick clamping all 14 clamps down to the stern. 

Here is the bow stem all cut up.  We used the cutoff pieces from the stem so hold the clamps on straight and it was a real pain to figure out how to get is all on there tight.

All Glued!

Starting to cut out the rest of the bulkheads.

Matt cutting away.  PS a brand new jigsaw blade makes a world of difference!

Measuring and installing bulkheads.

Here is as the boat sits now.  Bulkheads are test fitted.  Now i need to remove them and put fiberglass tape down on the chine re-install the bulkheads glue and tape them in.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Its a boat!

The Plywood and Tyvex patterns came in!  We spent all weekend including Friday night working on the panels and hull and got allot done!  I took allot of pictures so i will let them do the talking.  Also check out the video on the scarf jig we build it worked very well and was simple to build!

Full size Tyvex patterns.  Worth there weight in gold!

Here is my boat!  Some assembly required.  It came with an allen wrench tho so its all good!

This is our scarf jig.  Just two pieces of 3/4 ply put together at a 80 Degree angle.  Using the Festool at a 6 degree angle making out cut 4 degrees off the center of the ply made a nice 2" joint.

Laying down epoxy.  I used West System wetting out both sides with straight epoxy then adding a 50/50 mix of High Density filler and Fairing filler.

We filled the buckets half up with water just to give some pressure.  Also we put packing tape on the ply so we had less to sand off later.  It worked quite well.

Bottom Panel getting marked out.

The boat has arrived at the barn!

Cleaning out the hole for the boat.

The eagle has landed!

Another Shot.

Front view.  I just threw it in the cradle. I need to do some adjusting on the cradle but overall it seems pretty good! 

Here is a short video on our scarf joint jig.  It worked well.

Hours: 42
Beers: 10