Friday, April 27, 2012

Not as much progress as i had hoped.

I have been working slowly on the project adding small support pieces and figuring out other things.  I have been distracted getting the other boats ready to hit the water to race and went down to Charleston for Race week for a few days.

Cutting our support frames for deck and floor in the rear of the boat. 

Here they are in place. 

Stole the I Beam idea from another blog.  These are fun to make and are seriously strong and light! 

Here is the boat as it sits now.  Bunks are just cut and being fit.  I beams are in.  A bunch of fiberglass is on its way and i should have all of the frames taped and start taping the support pieces soon. 

Here is a winch i blasted and powdercoated for our J29. 

Much better grip and looks! 

This boat makes me wonder why i am building a sport boat when i could just take out a big fat loan and have one tomorrow! 

41 vipers getting ready for CRW!