Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Foil and Bulb work.

So i started building the crucible to melt my lead in.  We had a large sheet of something like 12 gauge steel lying around the shop so i cut it up bent it and welded it into a box.  Here are some pictures.

Plasma cutting is the way to go!

                                                         Need to use a straight edge tho.

Nice clean cut.  So much easier to weld when the edges are clean and straight.

In the metal beak.

Bend 1 done.  This maxed out our break.

All Bent up.

Test Fit.

Close up of welds.

3 hours of tig welding later.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Let the fairing begin.

Built a template out of plexi using a bandsaw.  Cutting on a band saw was much more acurate than using a jig saw the jig saw bounces and makes it hard to keep smooth.  I had to epoxy a tab over the tail edge where i started and finshed my cut with the bandsaw.

This is as far as i have made it.

Pretty good fit!

Just taking it spot by spot to try to get this thing the correct shape all the way down.  Id say another 10-15 hours of fairing and il be able to add the graphite strips then fair that then 10oz cloth.